Speed Doors

Speed Doors

“In applications where speed is a necessity, high speed industrial doors roll up and down in a matter of seconds! keeping heat in, the cold out and allowing fork lift trucks and personnel to pass through quickly and efficiently. PVC rapid roll, side opening and solid doors, designed for high use applications, can be supplied with clear curtains to open vertically or to the side, also available as a solid curtain to offer high speed and efficiency with good security. They come electrically operated and are compatible with induction loops, remote controlled, radar cameras and as part of a conveyor system. All come with safety features meeting all current legislation and laws. A wide range of products are available to meet any application, lots of colours available. High Speed Doors are Door systems, mainly used in industrial applications. They are technical enhancements of the generally known sectional door, PVC fabric doors or roller shutters. The rapid door’s main objective is to separate different atmospheres and rooms in warehouses, stores, production plants, shops and have many other applications. Thanks to its speed, a rapid door reduces the doorway’s opening time and the waste of energy for heating/cooling the premises, reduces the time on transitions, allow smooth operations with less effort. We can provide different types of Rapid Doors depending on your needs, rolling doors, folding doors, self-repairing doors, clean rooms doors and more. The main difference is that the durable construction provides a higher operating speed and they can sustain a higher number of cycles (opening and closing cycles) and require lower maintenance and repair cost. Depending on the intended field of application, horizontal or vertical operating door types are available. A counterbalance system generally forms part of the door’s construction. This is designed with spring or weight mechanisms in the side frames, ensuring an emergency opening function and aiding to the opening speed.

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