“It is a roller door for average size spaces, ideal for separating different atmospheres and passages in warehouses, store rooms or shops. The supporting structures and trunk runners can be anodised aluminium or standard painted (white or grey RAL 7016), are very small and take up very little space in the light shaft. The lateral bands or the lintel do not require a lot of space. Resistant to moderate drafts and the curtain has a flexible reinforcement system that comes from the trunk runners when they receive a strong impact and which ensures that they return to the rails again when the door lifts. A PVC sheet curtain 950 g/m2. The system is bidirectional and requires 40mm for the light measurement on each side.


“This is the lightweight version of Mirflex® AUTO TRACKING, for medium size openings, ideal for separating different environments and passage ways between buildings, warehouses and stores. Designed with different small size profiles, they take up little of the opening’s light space and require little space on the side bracelets and on the lintel. They are resistant to moderate air currents and the curtain has a system of flexible reinforcements that come off the guides when they receive a strong impact and roll up again when the door opens.

Canvas specifications
The canvas has a series of lengthwise reinforcements, which provide rigidity and the resistance required for the air pressure currents it will endure. A concave/convex profile made of “composite” materials is sheathed in the curtain. This profile has extraordinary resistance to breaking (even with violent impacts from moving vehicles) and can withstand significant flexing without causing permanent deformations. The lower skirting is a PVC bag, enabling perfect adjustment even on uneven surfaces. The bag is painted in yellow and black stripes, for greater identification of the transit area.
Vertical mountings made up of a reinforced guide made from extruded aluminium and with a specific design for this model door, housed in a double rectangle profile with central housing for the guide. Can be delivered lacquered in two colours (Pyrenees white and grey RAL 9007) and stainless steel anodised. Stainless steel sheet base with eyelets for fastening to the floor. Black polyethylene tracking. The aluminium rolling drum is situated between two stainless steel supports with reinforced bearings that support the shaft. The bases are fastened to the floor and the head to a light support structure. In order to ensure greater resistance to frontal forces, one or two middle fastenings are required depending on the height.

Motor and control panel
Compact self-locking reducer motor for intensive use with integrated position mechanical switches. Internal safety catch. Electro-brake for exact positioning and locking the canvas. Manual release of the electro-brake with handles. Manual opening system with a crank or chain.
Control panel. 230/400 V three phase power supply. Electronic control panel. Option: Single phase 220 V power supply and control panel with programmable automaton and with a frequency converter for regulating speeds.
• Emergency opening system via UPS or mechanical system.

Performance of the air, Wind resistance as per 12424: up to Class 0. Auto-tracking system: In the event of impact on the curtain, the sheet bends thanks to the flexibility of the reinforcements and can come off the guides. When it goes up again, the ends of the reinforcements are reinserted into the guides thanks to the auto-tracking system on the lower part. The door is then ready for the next man/oeuvre. The system reduces the span width by 80 mm. Dimensions: Maximum: 3,300 x 3,500 mm. Please ask if larger sizes are required.

Option 1: Wireless contact band on the main edge and infra-red barrier at 500 mm from the floor.
Option 2: Infra-red curtain up to 2.5 m height. This system has a series of photocells fitted one on top of another that create the infrared barrier on the entire height of the door and up to 2.5 m high, which detects any object, including small objects, preventing lowering the door or raising it again if it has already begun to lower. Avoids physical contact with the door.

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