MIRFLEX ZIP® Auto Tracking

MIRFLEX ZIP® Auto Tracking

“Rolling speed door framed in aluminium and stainless steel. Curtain driven with a special zip in both sides to resist medium air pressures, and at the same time auto-tracking when the curtain leaves the guides due to the impacts. The ideal door for warehouses, supermarkets, separations between different spaces.


A door completely built with galvanized steel profiles or painted. The guiding of the door is made via a system of racks located on the sides of a PVC canvas. These flexible racks lead, smoothly, the canvas inside some guides of special poly-amide of high resistance and sliding, that prevent that the canvas derails due to the strength of air currents. When the rack gets an impact, it leaves the guide and goes back to the rails when dropping. These doors arerecommended for use indoors or outdoors without wind pressures.

Optionally, in places where a nicer aesthetic finish is required, a cover for the drum is proposed. Warehouses.,Supermarkets.,openings between buildings,Walkways between buildings,seperations between different spaces,separations between industrial units

Dimensions: Maximum: 4,500 x 5,000 mm.

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