Enhance a large warehouse facility, Watford Industrial Estate

Case Study

three Hörmann SPU F42 double-skinned steel sectional doors.

At a leading industrial estate in Watford, Sprint Door Systems Ltd successfully enhanced a large warehouse facility with the installation of three Hörmann SPU F42 double-skinned steel sectional doors. Known for their robustness and insulation properties, these doors were meticulously installed following careful logistical planning, including the use of forklifts and scissor lifts to handle the substantial structural components. The installation process also involved preparing steel frames and concrete surfaces to ensure the doors were securely and durably mounted. The double-skinned steel construction of the doors provides excellent thermal insulation, reducing energy costs, while their modern electrical systems are designed to withstand high-traffic use, ensuring long-term reliability and safety. The doors also complement the architectural style of the warehouse, demonstrating Sprint Door Systems Ltd's commitment to providing solutions that merge practicality with visual appeal.

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