Berkhamstead, Replacement of an outdated sectional overhead door

Case Study

state-of-the-art INDUPARTsectional overhead door

Sprint Door Systems Ltd recently undertook the replacement of an outdated sectional overhead door with a state-of-the-art INDUPART sectional overhead door at a local industrial facility near our Berkhamsted headquarters. This new installation included high lift tracks designed to optimize space by allowing for up to 3000 mm of lift, perfectly suited for the demanding requirements of industrial environments. The door was equipped with a 3-phase electric operator for seamless automated operation, supplemented by a hand chain for manual operation during power outages, ensuring the facility remains operational at all times. Additionally, the door was customized to include a row of three windows on the third panel, enhancing natural light and visibility within the workspace, which is essential for both safety and aesthetic appeal.

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