INSTANT PASS® ISO for Cold Room (-25º)

INSTANT PASS® ISO for Cold Room (-25º)

Fold Up speed door specially designed for cold room and humid environments. The INSTANT PASS ISO is manufactured with stainless steel and can be installed in environments where hygiene is important, as for instance the food processing industry. Its architecture and equipment allows for the doors to be cleaned with disinfection products. The curtain has a double skin with a layer of polyurethane foam in between. The side legs are fitted with special brushes to provide a better sealing effect.


Sprint Door Systems Instant Pass® ISO doors have been refined based on continual demand for high speed doors for refrigerated chambers. Designed to resist low temperatures.

Canvas specifications
The mobile curtain is made up of a series of panels, made up of a double fabric wall made from Trevira impregnated with PVC and a flexible polyurethane foam insulating laminate on the inside. The panels are preformed so that they fold easily on the creases. Polyamide locking joint on the ends of the mobile curtain. Waterproof insulating canvas on the upper front of the mobile curtain. Roll-up PVC cover on the upper part of the platform for maintenance access to the shaft case. The composite side reinforcements, sheathed in canvas enable the door to withstand pressures from air currents caused by differences in temperature or open doors. The material they are made of enables them to withstand strong impacts without breaking or causing permanent deformations.
Mainly manufactured from galvanised steel of different thicknesses depending on the purpose of the task. Reinforced sheet metal has been fitted to the insides of the guides and the platform to withstand the significant impacts they are subject to, without causing deformations.
Special brushes for low temperatures are placed on the mountings to improve the seal. There is an option for insulated and heated mountings.

Motor and control panel
Self-locking reducer motor for intensive use with integrated position mechanical switches. Designed to withstand low temperatures. Heating motor option. Electro-brake for exact positioning and locking the curtain with increased protection for preventing moisture from entering and ice from forming.
Manual release of the electro-brake with a handle. Manual opening system with a crank. Control panel with polyester box and increased protection. Control panel controlled by a programmable automaton, configured with a specific algorithm for this type of auctioning. The security photocells are heated to prevent ice formation.
• Painted and galvanized steel structure.
• Insulated and heated guides.
• Heated operation panel.
• Heated engine.
Optionally available in stainless steel AISI-216.

Performance of the air, Wind resistance as per 12424: Class 2. Characteristics: This model DOESN´T work as the only door for negative chambers, separating positive temperature environments. It should always be combined with a cooler sliding door. In order to prevent the formation of ice or frost, these doors must be assembled in dehumidified areas. They cannot be mounted as a separation between freezing chambers and areas having temperature and humidity around them. They cannot include transparent window. Usually, the operation panel should be assembled on the positive side. If installed in negative zone, it should be heated. Maximum temperature – 25º. Dimensions: Maximum: 4,000 x 4,000 mm.

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