HERMETIC ROLL® (for clean rooms)

HERMETIC ROLL® (for clean rooms)

Rolling speed door designed for pressurized environments (clean rooms) and to be dust-tight. Special side guides to support pressure differences. Curtain made of PVC very flexible longitudinally and very rigid in the opposite direction, avoiding the necessity of having reinforcement bars and obtaining a more optimized door. Vision panels available.


The speed rolling door Hermetic Roll overcomes small size voids, ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. It has been designed to have a low permeability to the air and a good resistance to air pressures, making it perfect to be installed in clean rooms having positive or negative pressure. It prevents dirt accumulation. The top hood is inclined to favour the runoff of the materials placed on top.

Features of the canvas
The canvas is made with PVC fabric of high longitudinal flexibility and transversal rigidity. As longitudinal reinforcements are not needed, the canvas is smooth, without protuberances or edges.
Standard colour: white PVC smooth on both sides. There are other colours with rough surface and FDA quality, or antistatic fabric (only grey colour).

Viewing windows manufactured with PVC glass quality 2 mm thickness.

Clean Rooms,Aeronautics industry,Aerospace,Pharmaceutical,University Labs,Research Facilities,Biological Safety,Military Applications,Food industry (STAINLESS version).,Optics,Nanotechnology

Performance of the air: Wind resistance as EN 12424: class 1 / Air permeability as EN 12426: class 2. Loss of air A 30 Pa: Positive pressure below 2 m³ / H m² /
Negative pressure below 4 m³ / H m². Dimensions: Maximum: 2,800 x 2,800 mm. With vision panels max. 2,500 x 2,800 mm.

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