Isoperfect ECO System differs by having a vertical loading dock KA Hidra instead of the telescopic dock leveller, which makes it a more economical system and needs less manual labour. This difference does not effect the efficiency of the whole system as the doors of the truck are opened inside the refrigerated building achieving a significant energy savings. Advantages :(1) ENERGY SAVINGS; thanks to the thermal sealing of the dock and that the doors open inside the industrial unit, a considerable improvement regarding the energy consumption and the conservation of the environment is achieved.(2) SAFETY FOR THE STAFF; installing a safety wedge can prevent the truck from moving and the forklift from falling.(3) TIME REDUCTION; it is possible to carry out less manoeuvres with the truck than with a conventional system and the driver does not have to leave the vehicle to open the doors .(4) FOOD HYGIENE AND SECURITY; it guarantees greater control of the cold chain and prevents external agents to enter, since the opening of the dock door and the truck one is completed when the inflatable shelter is already sealed to the entire vehicle.(5) ORGANISATION; it obliges the operators to follow some rules and routines that ensure compliance with the procedure, therefore minimizing mistakes or avoiding tasks to be duplicated. Outside and inside view of Isoperfect loading dock with inflatable shelter, colour grey Isoperfect Plus System with 4 Bags shelter

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