“The speed rolling door Instant Roll BASIC are suitable for medium-sized voids located indoors and having an intense flow, as in production and storage areas. They have been designed to occupy a minimal space and capable to withstand light air pressures-depressions.

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Features of the canvas
The canvas incorporates a number of longitudinal reinforcements providing stiffness through a concave-convex tubular profile, made with “composite” materials, that is inserted into a cladding on the canvas. This profile count on an extraordinary resistance to breakage (even through violent impacts made by vehicles in movement) and a great flexibility, so it can bend without permanent deformations. The lower sock is a band, thanks to it a perfect adjustment even in irregular floors is achieved. The mentioned band is screen printed with the safety symbols – black and yellow diagonal stripes – indicating the danger in areas having vehicles flow.
The structure is self-supporting thanks to the guide reinforcement profiles made of pre-lacquered galvanized sheet, and to its upper platform built with the same material.

Motor and control panel
The door Instant Roll Basic carries an irreversible compact geared motor for intensive use. On the other hand, the standard configuration of the operation panel comes equipped with a frequency variator allowing a high speed of lifting and a descent at reduced speed, with soft starts and stops. So, the strong impacts of the starting and stopping of the engine are eliminated, improving therefore its reliability.
The finish of the canvas may be in various colours similar to RAL, while the structure finish can be in galvanized steel or also in a RAL colour chosen by the customer.

Performance of the air. Wind resistance as per 12424: Class 0. Dimensions: Maximum: 3,300 x 3,500 mm"

Standard: curtain of photocells placed one above the other creating an infrared curtain across the door width and up 2.5 m. height. This infrared curtain detects any object, including small ones, preventing the door lowering or lifting again if it has already started to go down. Avoids physical contact with the door.

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