Rolling speed door specially designed to separate robotized cells or accesses to machines. Resistant to air movements and mild impacts. Structure made for demanding environments, curtain made of PVC very flexible longitudinally and very rigid in the opposite direction. Special vision panels available, for welding areas for example. Security system based on a photocell screen.


The speed rolling door Instant Protect® is suitable for medium sized voids. Is intended to be used as separating of robotic cells or accesses to machines. This door is resistant to moderate air currents and minor impacts. The structure is designed to be integrated into demanding environments, and the engine and the operation panel for a very intensive use. This door model also incorporates safety
stroke limits up to category 4.

Features of the canvas
The canvas is manufactured with PVC fabric having high longitudinal flexibility and transversal stiffness. Longitudinal reinforcements are not required but, in case of higher requirements, the canvas can be reinforced. Standard colour: orange PVC with linen rough surface. Optionally it can be in other colours. Antistatic fabric (only grey colour).

Viewing windows with PVC glass quality of 2 mm thickness. Integrated into the canvas itself. Possibility to have red peepholes for welding areas. It includes photocells barrier system.

Dimensions: Maximum: 3,500 x 3,500 mm.

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