“Angel Mir’s flagship since 1983, designed to support different weather conditions, windproof due to its reinforcement bars, and rainproof because of its waterproof materials and sealed elements. Curtain PVC 950g/m². Security system based on Safety edge or Photocell screen. The ideal door for industrial areas, warehouses, car dealerships, hangars, auto car wash…


The efficient folding system fast door is specially designed for exposed entrances. Ideal for entrances subject to significant changes in air current or wind. It will function without coming off its guides, without excessive wear and tear, deformations and ultimately remaining unaltered for many years.

Canvas specifications
The canvas is fitted with side reinforcements, depending on the application, either galvanised steel of different diameters or in a “composite” material made of fibre glass and/or polyester manufactured by pultrusion. This material is incredibly durable (even with impacts from moving vehicles) with great flexibility, which is how it can be bent forcibly without causing permanent deformations. Rubber caps are mounted on the ends to prevent wear and to reduce noise. The lower skirting is a fabric bag that enables perfect adjustment even on uneven floors. The bag is painted in yellow and black stripes, which indicates a hazardous transit area for material transport industrial vehicles.
Usually manufactured from galvanized steel of different thicknesses depending on the application. Reinforced sheet metal is fitted to the insides of the guides and the platform to withstand the significant impacts they are subject to, without causing deformations. The standard format is delivered painted with polyurethane paint made of two highly resistant and durable components. Standard RAL colour or, on order request, a colour selected by the customer.
Motor and control panel
Self-locking reducer motor for continuous, intensive use with integrated position mechanical switches. Electro-brake for exact positioning and locking the canvas. Manual release of the electro-brake with a handle. Manual opening system with a crank, actionable on foot from the floor. Control panel controlled by a programmable automaton, configured with a specific algorithm for this type of auctioning.

Specialist installations that do not use standard configurations can be evaluated by the Sprint Door Systems projects department.

• AISI 304L and 316L stainless steel structure.
• ATEX certified doors for explosive environments. Powder or paint.
• Sealing joints or brushes.
• Detachable vision panels.
Available in Stainless Steel AISI304 and AISI316. ATEX features.

Industrial environments,Washing tunnels,Car dealers,Auto Car Wash,Hangers

Performance of the air, Wind resistance as 12424: until class 4. Dimensions: Maximum: 9,000 x 7,000 mm. Please ask if larger sizes are required.

Wireless contact band on the main edge and infra-red barrier at 500 mm from the floor. Optional: Infra-red curtain up to 2.5 m height. This system has a series of photocells fitted one on top of another that create the infra-red barrier on the entire height of the door and up to 2 m high, which detects any object, including small objects, preventing lowering the door or raising it again if it has already begun to lower. Avoids physical contact with the door.

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