Instant Pass® Premium (The fastest fold up door)

Instant Pass® Premium (The fastest fold up door)

This is the premium version of the original Instant Pass, gradually varying its speed up to 1,8 m/s along the opening and closing processes because of its built-in frequency inverter. PVC and polyurethane vertical sealing against air movement when the door remains closed, and against noise when it is working. Control box made of ABS thermoplastic, and the most optimized security system based on a photocell screen.


Instant Pass® PREMIUM is the fastest stackable door on the market, up to 1.8 m/s. There are semi-rigid doors, very complete technically speaking and having a design very resistant and adaptable to virtually all kinds of voids. They are particularly suitable for areas with intense people flow having accesses of medium / large side, facing the exterior and / or with major air pressures – depressions.

Features of the canvas
The canvas is equipped with a series of cross reinforcements that, depending on the work necessities, are manufactured in galvanized steel of different diameters and thicknesses or in “composite” material of fiberglass polyester made by pultrusion. This material count on an extraordinary resistance to breakage (even through violent impacts made by vehicles in movement) and great flexibility, so it can bend strongly without permanent deformation. The ends of the canvas have rubber caps that prevent the wear by friction, and reduce the noise. The lower socle is a band, thanks to it a perfect adjustment even in irregular floors is achieved. The mentioned band is screen printed with the safety symbols – black and yellow diagonal stripes – indicating the danger in a traffic area of industrial vehicles transporting materials.
The structure is self-supporting and made with galvanized steel. Inside the guides and the platform, and in order to support, without getting distorted, the significant stress to which they are submitted, reinforcements of folded metal sheet have been placed. It also incorporates anti-noise sealing joints into the lateral guides. The finish of the structure is made with polyurethane painting of two components of great resistance and durability. With the RAL colour chosen or manufactured in Inox Steel AISI 304 or 316.

Engine and operation panel
Irreversible geared engine for intensive use with integrated sidelight mechanical switches. Electrobrake for a precise positioning and locking of the canvas. Manual release of the electrobrake through a handle. Manual opening system through a handle, which can be triggered standing on the ground. The engine is protected with a cover. Elastic connection between the engine and the axle to absorb the vibrations and increase the reliability of the geared motor. The operation panel is controlled by a programmable controller, which is configured with a specific algorithm for this kind of drive. It incorporates a speed control that provides a quick rising of the canvas and a more gentle speed when lowering.
• The canvas may incorporate viewing windows made of PVC glass quality.
• The vision panels may be detachable.
• Special canvas Flextex 1000-FR for stackable doors.

Performance of the air, Wind resistance as per 12424: up to Class 4. Dimensions: Maximum sizes: 5,000 x 5,000 mm.
To consult for larger sizes.

Infrared curtain up to 2.5 m high. This system consists of a series of photocells arranged one above the other creating an infrared curtain across the whole width of the door and to 2.5 m. height. That curtain detects any object, including the small ones, preventing the door lowering or lifting again if it has started to fall. Therefore avoiding physical contact with the door.

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