Hinged Lip (HLS) Dock Leveller

Hinged Lip (HLS) Dock Leveller

The hydraulic dock leveller with hinge lip (400 mm or 500 mm) is available as pit model, dock box model and hang-in frame model to allow easy configuration to suit your existing pit (e.g. replacement dock levellers) or newly constructed (prefabricated) concrete pit. The durable platform is raised by two lifting cylinders with a build in velocity fuse to rapidly stop platform descent in case of an emergency. The micro-processor controls can be adjusted to meet your specific operating requirements. The safety features include return to dock position, velocity fuse free-fall protection, full range toe-guards with painted yellow/black warning stripes and a maintenance support strut.

Features & Benefits
• Hinge lip– standard length is 400 mm, optional 500 mm. Tapered lip if nominal width is over 2000 mm.
• Smooth transition– Constant-radius rear hinge, two-point crown control on the front lip hinge, and an extended lip chamfer help provide the smoothest transitions for your operators, forklifts and products as they move in and out of a trailer.
• Reliable hydraulic system– Automatic height adjustment. Two main lifting cylinders with build in velocity fuse (free-fall protection). Power pack is fitted to front of platform for easy maintenance
• Lip cylinder– The lip is extended with a double acting lip cylinder.
• Maintenance support strut– to support the platform and lip during service and maintenance.
• Integral toe-guard– with painted yellow/black warning stripes.

Robust in design and construction, the platforms are made from 6/8 mm tear plate steel supported by a minimum of 8 longitudinal beams to strengthen the deck but still allowing it to twist through its length to cater for vehicles that are out of level with the Loading Bay.
The HLS model is in full compliance with BS EN 1398.

The HLS Hinged Lip Dock Leveller is designed in 3 installation styles:

Traditional pit mounting: Where the pit is bounded with previously cast-in pit edge angles and the dock leveller sits on a solid pit base, the dock leveller is welded in at the back and front.

Suspended versions: Are available usually for new build projects or to replace existing suspended dock levellers. As their name suggests the dock leveller is suspended from its top edge allowing the underside of the pit to be clear for access by tail lifts; this enables the dock leveller clear access into the deck of the vehicle.

Box style: Dock-levellers are designed to provide quick and easy installation in existing buildings. To install a box leveller an oversize pit is required complete with a flat base, the box model leveller is positioned and fixed down and concrete poured around it. Once the electrics are connected the leveller is ready to go.

Operation: The Platform rise button is held depressed; the platform can rise to the top of its range, and then by pressing the lip extend button and the lip will move forward to the desired loading position, by then pressing the platform lower button the lip will descend onto the bed of the vehicle. As standard the HTL telescopic lip dock leveller comes with an auto-park function, by pressing this button the platform will rise and the lip retracts fully, the platform then lowers itself back to the cross traffic position to complete the loading process.

Finish: Galvanising is an effective treatment to ensure a durable anti-corrosion protection. Especially in the food industry the application of a hot dip galvanised dock-leveller is preferred. The life span of a zinc coating can vary between 10 to 50 years, all depending on the atmosphere to which the galvanised steel is exposed. After the galvanising process, the dock levellers are primed and painted in the standard colour Black RAL 9005. It is possible to supply the dock-leveller in any other (non-metallic) desired colour. A non-slip paint is available as a platform finish.

Typical Applications

• Warehousing
• Distribution
• Logistics
• Engineering
• Chemical Industries
• Light Industry

Dimensions & Ranges

Our HLS models range from 2000mm to 3500mm overall width. The length is dependent on the vehicle and dock height with a gradient of no more than 12.5% during loading/unloading, lengths range from 2000mm to 5000mm rising in 500mm increments. Box style depths range from 595mm to 745mm depending on installation and pit type.

Depending on the dock-leveller length it is possible to achieve a max loading height of 615mm above FFL and a minimum of -385mm below FFL, with our vast range of dock-levellers there is a suitable option for any application.

Our dock-levellers are manufactured and to be used in accordance with BS EN 1398
Standard capacity 60 kN
Maximum gradient of the platform 12,5 %
Minimum contact area per wheel of 150 x 150 mm on the platform
Maximum driving speed lengthways 7 km/h

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