Grand Pass

Grand Pass

“Designed specifically for exceptionally large openings. The door leaf is made of a series of double skin panels made of PVC canvas. The horizontal reinforcements are made of extruded aluminium. The side legs and platform are made of galvanized steel reinforced to withstand any specified wind load. Very large openings can be closed by combining several doors with a removable frame between and can be raised and lowered by a separate mechanism to the motor on the door leaves. Dimensions and particular features to be determined and advised according to each individual technical project.”


“Fast doors designed for large openings and high wind pressures.
The mobile curtain is made up of a series of panel made up of a double canvas wall made from plasticised trevira.

The canvas specifications may vary depending on the application with different thicknesses or reinforced with a vandal-proof steel cable fabric.
This is fitted, sideways, with reinforcements made with extruded aluminium structural tube. Varying the layout and quantity of these elements may increase resistance to wind.

Aeronautics industry,Naval industry,Removable hangars,Gantry cranes,Steel industry,Waste treatment plants,Grain silos,Large dimension painting cabins

Performance of the air: Wind resistance as per 12424: up to Class 4. Polyester straps pull the aluminium tubes upwards, so that the whole curtain is folded on the upper platform, which houses the motors, shafts, pulleys and pull-up mechanisms. The vertical guides are manufactured from galvanised steel plate and are fitted with a series of internal reinforcements to withstand the stresses from the wind, calculated according to customer requirements. For wider spaces, groups of individual doors can be used; the central guides are dismountable or retractable, and once group of doors have opened, the guides retract, manually or automatically, giving maximum width of passage. Once the large vehicle has entered the warehouse, the guides are returned to the correct positions and the doors operate individually. Given the complex nature of these types of doors, the specifications required for this application are determined in a technical study.

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