“The Easy-Roll fast door is the suitable one for inner holes and to divide different atmospheres with low pressure drafts and reduced access lights (up to 3m. width). It is the ideal one to replace the awkward layered curtains and P.V.C. swing doors. The construction of the outside frame has been simplified and is formed by a couple of white lacquered sheet side guides which bear the aluminium shaft where the curtain is rolled up. This structure system needs a solid fixing.


Sprint Door Systems high speed door is designed for interior openings and for separating different environments, with low air pressures and with reduced corridor spans (up to 3 m wide). It is ideal for replacing awkward slatted curtains and PVC side hung doors. The design of the outer frame has been simplified and consists of a pair of lateral galvanized plate guides, which support the aluminium roller shaft onto which the curtain winds. The structure is simple and requires a solid anchorage.

The central reinforcements are manufactured from an aluminium bar which also serves to support the central window that can be replaced. The ends of the lower skirting are made of neoprene which slots into the guides. In the event of an impact, the ends bend and come out of the guides, returning to the correct position in the next operation.

• Emergency opening system via UPS or mechanical system.
• Stainless steel version, particularly suited for the food industry.

Installation recommendations Some examples of use may be: Walkways between buildings,Supermarkets.,Warehouses.,Refrigeration chambers.,Food industry (STAINLESS version).

Performance of the air: Wind resistance as EN 12424: Class 0. Maximum dimensions: 3,000 x 3,500 mm.
Dimensions Maximum: 3,300 x 3,300 mm. The small size of the structure enables it to be adapted to any opening or environment.

Photocells curtain.

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